A Quick Camping Guide For Someone

When you think about the best advice regarding camping for someone who enjoys

luxury, you might think that the only fitting advice for that category is this – don’t go

camping! But if you are a person who loves the good life but has been roped into a

camping trip, that might not be an option. If you are in a position where you absolutely

must camp, then the following tips should get you through the trip with minimal

inconvenience. In other words, they should take the “rough” out of “roughing it.”

First of all, make sure that the tent you select is really top of the line. By which, I mean it

should be weatherproofed and lined to keep out light and as much noise as possible.

You also want to apply this philosophy to the sleeping bag that you choose. Make sure

it is as warm as it can get (mountains tend to get quite cold at night, even in the middle

of summer) and that it is as soft as is available. But don’t stop there. No. An air mattress

to go underneath your top of the line sleeping bag is absolute must, and this must be

the best model, as well. The most sturdy and comfortable kind are the three tiered

system beds. They are the least likely to spring a leak, as well.

Here’s the thing – no one ever said that luxury, or even the imitation version of luxury

that you are able to achieve on a mountain top, would come cheap. But if you are willing

to shell out the dough, you can make your camping experience much more enjoyable.